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Exam Overview:

Welcome to Career Step's final exam process for medical transcription. This exam is for Career Step students only. In order to complete this exam, you must have submitted a final exam request form to Career Step. The instructional email you received from Career Step contains your final exam login information. After reading the instructions, begin the exam by clicking the "LOGIN" button below and entering your login information. If you have not received a confirmation of your final exam request and your login information, please contact Career Step immediately.

It is important that you read all of the following instructions carefully before beginning your final exam!

  1. TIME LIMIT -- You have 48 hours to complete this examination. Your time will begin when you enter your login and password for this test site.
    • It is important to contact Student Services as soon as possible if you experience issues which impact your ability to begin or complete the final exam AS SCHEDULED. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your exam.

  2. INSTRUCTIONS -- Carefully read and follow the instructions given in each section. Once you have completed a section, you will be automatically directed back to the main navigational page where you will be given access to the next section.

  3. RESOURCES -- You may use any resources, except human resources, during the examination.

  4. TECHNICAL SUPPORT -- If you have technical problems, please contact Technical Support. Contact information and hours for Technical Support are at the bottom of all pages in this test.

  5. AUDIO AND FOOT PEDAL -- The sound files for this exam are played directly within the exam site--downloading is not required. If you are using Windows XP or better and Internet Explorer 7.X or later, your foot pedal should work directly with the audio within the site. Technical Support does provide foot pedal support to Everett students in the final exam process.

  6. TRANSCRIPTION -- Please transcribe the 8 sound files assigned to you at the test site. You will be graded on these 8 files. If you submit reports that are different from the files assigned to you, your exam will be forfeited and will count as one of your three possible exam opportunities. The reports should be transcribed essentially verbatim. This means that whenever possible (and that is most of the time) the transcription should reflect exactly what the dictator says, including all dictated headings. You should make corrections when incorrect grammar is used or when there is usage that makes no sense in standard English. This includes correcting the dictator's errors with subject/verb agreement; correcting verb tense to be consistent within a sentence, provided your changing the tense does not affect the meaning of the sentence; and expanding dictated contractions and inappropriate slang terms, as well as disease-entity acronyms that are dictated in the diagnosis portions of the report, which include assessment, diagnosis, impression, conclusion, and problem lists. Also be certain to include grammatically-correct punctuation throughout the reports including comma usage and capitalization. Please save copies of your typed reports elsewhere on your computer until you are notified that everything was submitted correctly on your exam. (You will receive notification within 1-2 business days of submitting.)

  7. FLAGGING -- For flagged questionable words, enclose any uncertain words within the set of parentheses, i.e. (mattress sutures). Remember, however, that excessive flagging (flagging unnecessarily throughout the majority of a report, for example) is inappropriate in a testing or working situation and may be penalized accordingly on the final exam. For blanks, enclose 3 underscores in parentheses, i.e. (___). Each flag can represent up to 2 consecutive words. For example, if you think you are hearing 3 or 4 missed words, include 2 consecutive blank flags, (___)(___). If you are unsure of exactly how many words you cannot hear, it is acceptable to include an additional blank flag.

  8. SUBMISSION -- After you submit the transcription portion of your exam, you will be taken to a screen that says, "Congratulations, you have completed the exam." If this page does not appear, please contact Technical Support.

  9. GRADING TIME AND NOTIFICATION -- We allow two weeks from the anticipated date of submission (two days after your start date) to grade the exam and to notify you of your results. It often takes less than two weeks, but please do not call or email us before the end of the two-week period. Your scores will be emailed as soon as they are available.

  10. PRINT -- Please print a copy of these instructions for your reference while taking your final exam.

  11. Relax! You have worked hard for this and you are ready!

* Please note...You have a total of three opportunities to take and pass the final exam. Information for retaking the exam will be included with your emailed exam results.

Good Luck!

Skills Assessment Department
Career Step

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    • Speakers/headphones to hear audio dictations
The following foot pedals are support for transcription assessments: